Epic mistakes of 5 travel bloggers and their travel tips to avoid them

Travel bloggers inspire us with their Instagram accounts and their adventure stories on their blogs. They show us spectacular videos and offer us travel tips for unforgettable journeys. But thanks to their experiences they also offer us the funniest stories about the epic failures they have experienced as travelers. We have interviewed 5 top travel bloggers about their mistakes and setbacks, so we make sure they never happen to us!


The story of A Little Adrift has happened to many, though, and it is one of the most chilling one: running out of money in a foreign country. This is extremely stressful, especially if we are traveling alone. Take a look at her tips for international travels.


You would think the first time I allowed an ATM to eat my debit card that I would have learned my lesson, but this is an epic fail I have done twice, in two different parts of the world: Mexico and Thailand.

In many countries, ATMs release your debit card before spitting out your withdrawn cash. In some, however, your cash comes out first – and if you accidentally walk away without your card, the ATM will eat the card for your safety.

It’s a nice feature… unless you’re in a foreign country without any cash. In both cases, I immediately called my bank, which was incredibly accommodating in sending me a new card and averting my crisis. After the second time, I also always carry a backup debit card from a secondary bank, just in case!


Shannon O’Donnell has been around the world for more than 10 years and has been named Traveler of the Year at National Geographic. Get lost among her travel tips on A Little Adrift before you go to sleep and you’ll have amazing dreams. Check out her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Meandering nature on a road trip in a hipster caravan in Scandinavia seems like a travel blogger’s dream. But the dream can turn into nightmare if the caravan breaks down in the middle of nowhere. This is how the story of the couple behind Capture the Atlas started. Take a look at their travel tips for international road trips.


On our first RV trip, we wanted to tour across the Lofoten Islands fjords in search of the Northern Lights of Norway. When I first saw that old campervan in the rental office, I thought it wouldn’t make the whole trip, and I was right. The second day, after doing the 400 km that separate Lofoten from Tromso, there was no way to start the caravan, so we called the rental company quite upset to tell them the camper was too old to be rented.

When we were towed, we found out that the camper van, despite being old, used diesel, and if it was broken it would totally be our fault as we had put Gasoline taking for granted such an old model wouldn’t use Diesel.

We were literally between a rock and a hard place. If gasoline had reached the pistons, there would be no way to repair it and also, we would lose the deposit and our trip would have ended. In the waiting room, we hold-up for the technician to come out to give us the good news. Our camper was ready to continue with our Lofoten Photo Tour. From then, every time we rent a car, we ask 50 times the type of fuel it uses!


Ascen and Dan are the couple behind Capture The Atlas that have inspired their followers with their tips on sustainable travel. They capture the beauty of nature in each of their stories and pictures. Find inspiration and her travel tips on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their blog

Even the most adventurous know that there are things that need to be planned in advance, and one of the most common failures in traveling is forgetting to check on your passport and Visa requirements. For many travelers the task ends just by making sure you have your passport on you. But you shouldn’t stop here, as the immigration rules of every country can vary significantly. Don’t believe it? take a look at the following epic travel mistake:


It should go without saying that your passport needs to be valid. Having said that, I do know several people who’ve tried to get on a flight with an expired passport and were then denied boarding. But another issue that travellers aren’t aware of is making sure that your passport is valid for long enough. Let’s jump into my story:

A couple of years ago I was planning a trip to Sri Lanka and decided to go to India afterwards. As I was filling out the visa for India, I realized that my passport needed to be valid for six months in order to be allowed entry. Mine was only valid for 5 months and 22 days! As I didn’t have time to renew my passport before finalizing my travel plans, India didn’t happen.

There are surprisingly a number of countries that require your passport to be valid for 6 months, so check in advance.


Laurel started giving travel tips for pleasure on her blog until she found out she had so many people to help, so she set up her own travel agency. While still traveling. She better than anyone else knows how to combine adventure with comfort. Check out her adventures on her blog, on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Some mistakes start before actually traveling. And this is why planning carefully the trip is essential even if we choose to travel in a spontaneous way. The following story explains us why we need to do some research before hitting the road:


My experience is about making sure you get a dental check up a couple of weeks before you travel. On two separate occasions I’ve failed to do this and I’ve ended up in agony while travelling.

I went to Prague to celebrate my birthday at the Christmas markets and after one day I couldn’t eat anything. Even opening my mouth to the cold air hurt. I spent the whole trip wincing and visiting pharmacies for painkillers. If it had been a longer trip I would have had to visit a dentist in Prague. But luckily it was a short trip so I could visit a dentist at home.

Then recently, in the Maldives, I cracked my tooth and had to chew on the other side of my mouth for the entire trip. Again, I was lucky enough to be heading home a few days later. But if I was on a 6 month backpacking trip I would have ended up in a dentist’s office in a foreign land where I don’t know the procedures or charges etc.

All of this could have been avoided by getting a check up a couple of weeks before the trip and if any issues were present they could have been fixed before travelling. Trust me, you don’t want toothache ruining your trip.


Tara has grown up between New Zealand’s natural paradises and the Irish mountains. With such an environment, she is an authentic hunter of natural treasures and does not hesitate to use technology to make her travel trips more attractive. If you want to know what is trendy and cool, make sure you check her channels. Check her blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

People say success in love means being lucky enough to find the right person at the right time. Many travel bloggers give us the same speech as a travel tip before starting an adventure: make sure the time is adequate when planning a new adventure, especially when it comes to the weather….


Even though we’ve been travelling the world almost non-stop for 10 years, we still make mistakes, and one of the most common ones is not doing enough research on places before we arrive.

This often means we either miss out on unique attractions that are a bit off the beaten path, or sometimes travel to areas in the wrong season, meaning a lot of the things we want to do may be closed. Best way to sort them out? Do your research before booking a trip!


Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem are authentic nomads who have made the world their home. Their blog has become viral precisely because of their itinerant lifestyle and documentation of all his experiences. You will not find travel tips of cities in their channels, but a compendium of experiences that will make you realize that everything is possible. Check them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their blog.

What is your funniest travel mistake? Drop us a line here or on our social media channels.

Bike Gear, the latest outdoor tech

Riding a bike is a joy at this time of year. The colors and smells of fine rains make the route feel wonderful, and that is why we want you to enjoy it even more. We have compiled the best bike gear that come with the latest technology to improve your getaways. From folding bicycles, to devices with augmented reality or powerful GPS, find the bike gear you need just here!

Garmin Edge 1030: the bike gear for your navigation

This Garmin mini tablet is a powerful device with navigation GPS that helps us ride through the toughest routes without hesitation. This device tracks power, speed and heart rate, as well as displays time, weather conditions and other typical features, making it a full onboard computer.  

That said, we also love its social side, in which we can navigate through route reviews proposed by the millions of users of the Garmin universe. This will probably help us find the best biking trail and the most suitable one for our experience and motivation. Together with this social community, we can take care of our own affairs by synchronizing it with our smartphone. This will enable us to read our notifications.  

Moreover, the bike gear allows us to control the intelligent lights of the bike. A simple and effective feature to increase our safety while biking on the road.

Solos Smart Glasses: augmented reality for your trips

Cycling technology has also tackled the way we interact with information. Why would we look at a specific screen with information if it is also displayed on our smart glasses? Those project in a minimalist way everything we need in front of our eyes. And without getting distracted from the road.

Solos glasses are a pair of smart glasses with augmented reality specifically designed for bike riders. They project the information over the road without disturbing the cyclist’s vision. They are also adjustable, so we can display the info exactly where we desire.

Solos smart glasses inform us about our speed and bike power, can take calls, synchronize with popular apps and indicate us where to go. They can be paired with both iOS and Android smartphones.

We love this device and we believe it will become mainstream as soon as it partners with more popular apps. Then we will be able to enjoy our favourite app toolkit from our glasses. The bike gear comes with speakers to listen to the music we want.

However, in many countries it is forbidden to wear headphones while pedaling, and it is possible that the glasses can also be considered a distraction by the authorities. This is indeed a very interesting topic. How do we listen to music safely on the bike? The following gadget answers precisely this question.

Nuheara IQBuds for listening to music while biking

Nuheara IQBuds headphones are ideal for listening to the radio or to our favorite playlist while we are biking. Without missing the ambient noises. These small devices have a pair of speakers which reproduce both our favorite music and the ambient noise they pick up with a tiny microphone. Both speakers are adjustable so we can find the perfect balance between the sound of the street and our background music.

To make it even more perfect, the bike gear is wireless and it has an autonomy of 5 hours. As you may know, being able to pedal for hours without worrying about unfortunate wire tangling is essential for a biker’s comfort.

Travel with your bike

Traveling the world with our bike is one of the favorite pleasures of outdoor lovers. This gives us the opportunity to discover other countries and enjoy our passion for nature. However, all cyclists who travel with their bike know that it is actually a real nuisance.

Bikes often need to travel in a van, as they are big and bulky and in most flights the access fee is almost equal to a passenger plane ticket. This nuisance can be solved by one of the latest innovations in biking technology. But don’t get too excited – it’s not a flying robot that will transport your bike we are talking about; it’s a bit simpler than that: a folding bike optimized in weight and size to be carried on a flight.

Airport Ninja bike is a lightweight and detachable professional bike that comes with its own backpack to carry it anywhere. Its dimensions and weight are within the limit of baggage of aircraft hold.

In addition, its disposition in the backpack enables us to travel with it also by train or car. And without the need to incorporate additional elements such as a trailer or a roof rack. Obviously, we need some allen keys and a bit of skill to assemble and disassemble the bike. However, when we talk about professional cyclists, we have no doubt that they can do it.

Although there are other folding bicycles in the market, Airport Ninja focuses the whole bike gear on a professional audience. It is for sale but also for rent, for those who want to try it first.

Stay safe on your bike trips

Wave is a powerful app for iOS and Android that helps bikers, runners and athletes to meet in remote areas by sharing their live location on a private map.

Among the apps for navigation and geolocation, Wave stands out facilitating a group map in which the whole crew can locate each other at the same time. Plus, it uses a powerful GPS navigation to help people reach the meeting point set on the group map. Or simply to reach any of the friends on the way.  

Wave is the best tool to feel safe in the mountain. Leave it open so your group can track your path and if you are lost, you can either find your friends or be found by them. It is free for iOS and Android and has already more than 11 M users.

Now you are all set! Add those to your Christmas gifts for bikers and stay tuned; In January new tech gear for bikers will be introduced at CES 2019.

artificial intelligence chatbot

Black Friday devices, smartphones and wearables: What’s new

Black Friday arrives right in the season of major innovations in technology and devices. Discover what it is trending and choose your favorite smartphone, wearable or Virtual Reality gadget.

Autumn brings us more gifts than Santa Claus in terms of technology. Both Apple and Google have recently launched their flagship products and Huawei has recently joined the game with a new high-class proposal. We talk about smartphones and wearables, but also about the most about advanced Virtual Reality headsets and cameras. Those that have been rushed to be updated for the deals of the Black Friday.

Flagship smartphones ready for Black Friday

We have been waiting long to unbox the latest smartphones. They come with new cameras that include artificial intelligence, high resolution in low light and incredibly powerful engines. However, the most expert users also dazzle us with technical details that promise wonders. An example of this is the range of iPhones Xs, Xs Max and Xr that Apple presented in September, disputing its successful bionic chip A12.


The CPU of the chip is 50% faster than its predecessors. If you ask why you would want so much power, wait to see what the smartphone is capable of, thanks to its predictive technology with machine learning. This allows the iPhone to predict what you are going to do. Where you are going to go and which photos you’ll probably share. And even more, what apps you’re most likely to open. For more information read our review here.


Another big Silicon Valley company, which rarely launches devices, has presented its new Pixel 3. Google has introduced great advances in terms of camera, resolution and CPU, maintaining its classic shape.

The Pixel 3 camera is capable of taking up to 15 photographs in HDR in low light conditions. It also detects in which photographs we appear blurred or with closed eyes and eliminates them before saving them in the gallery.

However, what we are most thrilled about is its software – especially when we talk about the Google Lens application. It traps information and links it to the next natural step. For example, if we scan a restaurant menu, the app will directly give us information about the place and show us its phone number to make a booking. In some countries available the smartphone will directly make the call for us with its AI speaker. Needless to say, your native Android will be one of the best advantages of the OS.


Huawei has also presented its latest high-end model, the Mate 20 Pro. This phone has three back cameras with artificial intelligence that detects and adjusts the exposition to capture us in the best resolution possible. However, the autonomy of the battery compared to other competitors is one of its main advantages, as well as the performance of the phone and the fluidity of the screens.

Wearables to buy on Black Friday

Smartwatches are today the most stable and extended wearables in the market. Although sometimes it is hard for us to get used to the fact of using a mini screen, it is true that they are reinventing themselves by offering more and more options.

This is the case of the latest Apple Watch Series 4, which has entered very seriously into the field of health and fitness, with a new ECG that stores information about our heart rate and detects arrhythmias. In addition, it has introduced a new way of navigating its haptic digital crown that predicts new changes in other smartwatches OS. Read the full review here.

Samsung is also betting on wearables but keeping the design of a standard watch, for those who like to go with a classic style. The new 4G Samsung Galaxy Watch is now finally available in most countries. This smartwatch detects the type of exercise we are doing and helps us control it and improve it. It also keeps track our intake of water or caffeine.

According to some experts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is better at the audio system than other high-end smartwatches, and its OS Tizen is quite fast.

Virtual Reality to watch at the Black Friday

With Black Friday weekend around the corner, one of the things we’re more excited about is the new trends in Virtual Reality applied to Gaming. Sony has made one of the most attractive bets in this area with its Playstation headset with Virtual Reality. The pack comes with a PlayStation VR headset, a camera and two Move controllers that will take the latest games from the Japanese house up to a new level.

According to Facebook a few weeks ago, the new Oculus 2 headset will not be released until next year. This is because, in addition to software and hardware development, the company is trying to polish a global-scale strategy to make it a mainstream product, for which they need new VR games and apps, more competitive prices or VR usage scenarios. We’ll stay tuned.

5 Apps that will give you peace of mind on this year’s Thanksgiving

Arriving late for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinner can cause a significant negative start to an expected and tense day in equal parts, but the truth is that it happens very frequently. Bringing together the dispersed family throughout the country translates into almost 50 millions trips in just two days. Traffic jams, flight delays and cancellations are very common and taking them into account can help us prepare this party better.

Let your family know when you are arriving

To avoid the stress of trying to control something that is out of control, it is best to take the most of technology and share the location with the family on a private map temporarily, so they can see our path, if we are late and if we are fine during or journey.

Sharing the location in real time temporarily makes it possible to forget the noisy calls or endless conversations with the family asking what’s taking so long. It will also save you from taking risks driving and picking up the phone and having a fine.

Some apps already have this feature, and among them Wave Let’s Meet App stands out as a free app to share the live location privately between two or more people. Everyone could spot each other on the map and be ready for their arrival.  Best of all, it has a navigation GPS to go to your destination and a direct access to call an Uber. Wave also counts with a complete chat with audios. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

Driving? Know when to stop

On the road, you will feel helpful to know when you have the nearest petrol station or restaurant to visit, since like you there are many others that will leave empty fuel stocks throughout the country. It never hurts to know where to stop in case of emergency. Among all the apps to choose your stop over our route, Roadtrippers informs you about the nearer stops along the way, good to visit, to relax or to sleep. It is available for free for iOS and Android.

Recipes for Thanksgiving

Suppose you don’t cook the turkey but your family has asked you to bring a plate of food and, apart from knowing how to boil some spaghetti or unfreeze a meatloaf, you have no idea where to start. First of all we advise against trying some haute cuisine because if it is your first time it will not go out as you wish. To see simple recipes and still impress your family, look at the Big Oven application, where you will see easy recipes with the list of ingredients separately to facilitate your way to the supermarket.

Plan the menu for Thanksgiving

You may be afraid that your little brother, who also does not stand out for his culinary skills, has chosen the same dish as you. Well, don´t be. Before thinking again about cooking extravagant dishes, open the Cookpad application and share with others the recipe you are going to make. They can also share their plates and thus avoid repeating the cranberry sauce that only your grandmother will enjoy. Pepperplate application has a complete menu to plan the cooking times of all your dishes, make private and shared lists, lists of ingredients and tasks to excel in your planning and make it easier.

Share old memories

To smooth any thorny conversation you can always show a bunch of old pictures using the app Pic Collage application, a free app for iOS. It makes photo presentations, enlarge them, share and even project them on the TV screen. It also has the possibility to edit the pictures, ad stickers and fonts to explode your creativity. Everyone likes to remember with nostalgia some key moments and go back in time.

It is time to disconnect from the daily routine, work and worries and return to the family home to celebrate with the most loved ones a few days of tranquility, to catch up with the latest neighborhood gossip and above all, to savor a delicious homemade food. Enjoy it!

The Apple Watch Series 4 and the apps you need this season

The Apple Watch Series 4 and the apps you need this season

The new Apple Apple Watch Series 4 has turned upside down the world of smartwatches, introducing a watch that has a bunch of new gimmicks compared to the previous ones.

Apple introduced its new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr along with the new Watch Series 4 in the last keynote held on September 12th. No surprises here. What we did not expect, however, was to see a smartwatch capable of making us a reliable electrocardiogram (ECG). Let alone a feature that detects if we have fallen and we need assistance.

Thinking of the previous series of Apple smartwatch, there was an overall feeling that they are a great, luxurious extension of the smartphone. More ‘wearable’, directly accessible from our wrist. We could pick up calls, receive notifications and more, without bothering to take the iPhone out of the pocket. But still, this great innovation was seen as a basic shortcut of the smartphone, a mere extension of its functionality.

Apple has just changed this standard, though. Now we have a device of intrinsic importance. One able to control our health by doing an ECG. Let’s get down to details:

How does the ECG work on the Apple Watch Series 4?

The Apple Watch ECG works when we press the digital crown for 30 seconds to record our heart rate. Is it a powerful ECG? Yes, it is endorsed by the American Heart Association and by the FDA.

The heart rate is calculated in real time, differently from what is used in a hospital. In hospitals, ECGs are taken by placing several sensors around the patient’s chest, at strategic points. The results are measured by leads, which are 12 parameters that measure the heart rate.

In the case of the Apple Watch Series 4, it measures the heart rate through two contacts. The finger that presses the digital crown and the wrist that is in contact with the sensor on the reverse side of the smart watch. This calculation is less professional but highly effective in calculating common arrhythmias and alerting the user to seek medical treatment. The trick is that when you press the digital crown, the watch establishes a short circuit with your body, sending an electrical current and measuring it.

Despite being accustomed to devices that calculate the heart rate, it is a real breakthrough to see it finally featured on a device capable of sitting on our wrist.

What do we do with it later? All the information of the electrocardiogram is stored in a native app that we can reference to at any time or send the results to a medical professional. The app combines thorough medical data that could be useful in a diagnosis with simpler day to day facts for easier understanding.

Other functionalities that go in the line of protecting our health is the detection of falls. A feature that is activated directly in smart watch users for more than 65 years. However, everyone can manually turn it on. Once the alert starts, we can send an alert to our emergency contacts and seek help if the worst came to be,

How does the digital crown of the Apple Watch work?

The digital crown now has a haptic feedback when we scroll down. It might be seen as a small change but produces a more pleasant experience. Now we have the certainty that we are going through each element. We are also fascinated by the precision it has to move between the menus. Without hurry but without pause, much more fluid and elegant than its predecessors.

In navigation we see new faces and complications that are perfectly shaped to the curvy frame of the watch. Unfortunately this statement is limited. That is it because most of the complications are not updated for the new formats of Series 4. We must wait for the developers to catch up with the Series 4 and update them.

The watch comes in 40mm and 44mm. Their price starts at $399 for the 40mm GPS and cellular. For the 44mm the price starts at $499 and for the cellular one at $529.  As a novelty, we can see that Apple has joined the fashion of ceramics to make the screen, under the assumption that phone waves penetrate better and that it will facilitate reception.

Best apps for the Apple Watch Series 4

Little by little the developers are making the transition to the new design. And improving the design and performance of their apps for wearable users. Among them, we find the most useful ones that we need on our daily routine.

1. Find your car with MemoPark for Apple Watch Series 4

Never forget where you parked your car again with MemoPark, the most effective solution. With a minimalist design, it saves the location of the vehicle from our smartwatch or phone and takes us to the car using GPS directions. In addition, it has Siri shortcuts to activate it with a voice command and allows us to add images or notes. At just $ 1.99, you can always know where you left your car.

2. Find and track your workouts with Strava for Apple Watch Series 4

A classic. Strava is a very complete app that allows you to dive among workouts, choose the ones that you like the most and keep a report of your progress. In addition, it is like a social network that enables you to share your trainings and value those of other users. It is free with in-app purchases. It is free but offers in-app purchases.

3. Organize your notes and events with Cheatsheet for Apple Watch Series 4

A very visual organizer of notes, in the style of evernote. Cheatsheet has lists of tasks, to-do lists and it synchronizes with other devices. It is free but offers in-app purchases.

4. Have your boarding pass on hand with App In The Air for Apple Watch Series 4

Travelers can add all the information related to the flight on the small screen of their smartwatch Series 4. For example, the boarding time, the gate door or the baggage carousel. In addition to delays and other notifications. App In The Air is free but offers in-app purchases.

Best apps for navigating in the city

Best apps for navigating in the city in 2018

When we are in a traffic jam we often open Google Maps, Sygic or Waze, some of the best apps for navigating in the city. We see the traffic in real time and save a few minutes by taking a new, clearer path. When we travel to a new city we no longer go to the tourist office for a map but open our favorite GPS navigator app and find the ‘duomo’ at first sight. We are expert users.

That’s why navigation apps no longer seduce us with words like real time or precision. The future should offer us more. And so the present. Therefore we have shortlisted the latest news and the best apps for navigating in the city.


How many of us have still lost with a GPS navigator in hand? Augmented Reality, a technology that we related to games like Pokemon Go, can help in the subject. Google recently announced new changes in the Google Maps app in its I / O conference.

Among them, one of the most significant bets in the world of augmented reality was to include arrows that help navigation on foot through the city. These arrows are placed on the street that we take and at the crossings to improve the understanding of the indications that the navigator gives us.

In addition to arrows that guide us positioning the smartphone on the sidewalk, there are other ways to interact with the city through augmented reality. One of the best apps for navigating is Blippar.  This application goes a step further by placing titles on the monuments and museums we pass through. A feature that delights the traveler but also the citizen, who often passes by without knowing what is in them.

“The accuracy of Urban Visual Positioning can take location-based AR to new levels of engagement. For example virtual departure boards in front of train stations, interactive guides in front of famous landmarks. Or even a virtual menu hanging on the wall of a restaurant”, said the company on its website. 


Here is one of the most used apps for navigating in the world. It was created by Nokia years ago and now it has millions of users. Its new alliance with Hyperloop will place its technology to their native app Virgin Hyperloop One. This app will soon include Hyperloop routes in its repertoire of transport options.This will make it one of the most complete apps for navigating in the world.

The supersonic train that we have been listening to for years has just premiered its first vehicle in Cádiz, Spain. The train is nearly finished and it will be assembled in Toulouse, France, where the Airbus planes are also built. Once the construction is completed, the train will arrive to Dubai to perform the first public route in the history of Hyperloop, that will connect the Arab emirates.

“Hyperloop is not just about A to B, it’s an end-to-end passenger experience. That means no waiting at any point along the journey,” said in a statements Matt Jones, Virgin Hyperloop One’s SVP of Software Engineering. He also added: “Here shares our vision for optimizing travel. We will redefine the passenger experience by offering real time, on demand travel connecting hyperloop, other modes, and even indoor walking directions”.

We might wonder if Here will also integrate this experience in their app in the future. Stay tuned for it!


Apps for navigating strive not only to optimize the routes but to offer a complete experience for the users while they travel or commute. For example, we can compare petrol prices in the nearest gas stations, find free parking spaces, or see the state of the traffic.

Speaking again of the king of the maps, Google, we came across some interesting news. Google maps is launching a new version that includes direct access to Spotify without leaving the app. Although this is not the great innovation we were looking for, it gets useful when we are driving.

These features inside our apps for navigating make our daily commute more bearable. But if we could also use that time for personal benefits such as ordering food, that would be great. That is exactly what somebody thought at Waze app. The navigation app has made an agreement with Dunkin Donuts to enable us purchasing coffee and doughnuts directly from Waze while we use it to drive to work. That means when we arrive to the store our order is ready to pick up.

This integration may be a faster way than simply using the breakfast brand’s own app. Presumably, we believe that it will use the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the route we have chosen and notify the nearest store when we will arrive. 

“It could be almost anything that a driver could order ahead and have ready for pick up“, said to Associated Press Jordan Grossman, head of Waze’s partnerships in North America. According to a Dunkin Donuts representative, the agreement made sense because both services are related to the time of the commuting. 


One of the most basic needs we have is to find people. Finding a physical store is fairly easy as it does not change its emplacement. However, people are in constant movement and it is difficult to find them in crowded places such as in city centers, bars, shopping areas or parks. That’s why Wave Application is one of the best  navigating apps to find friends by sharing live locations on a private map.

On Wave, group maps represent a new level of interaction between friends or relatives. In addition to display the location of several people on the same map, we can set meeting points. This makes it easier for us to choose the bar, park or house of our friend as a meeting point. Once is placed, we can navigate there, call an Uber to get there or edit it.

“There are no barriers for real time location services anymore, so our biggest challenge is to become an indispensable tool in all the smartphones users. That is why we are continuously developing new features to complete the user experience”, said Manuel de la Esperanza, CEO of Wave Application, in a statement.

What do you think of these navigating apps? Will they change the way you move? Stay tuned for more news about maps and navigation. 

Apps to make a perfect road trip

Did you hear about this one? Top 5 apps for a perfect road trip

We all have an opinion about holidays. There are those who choose to go to rest or to get inspired by nature. Others prefer the beach to mitigate the heat and others love the adventures. However, for some of us, taking a perfect road trip is the best way to take the most of our vacations. Like in Thelma & Louise, it groups freedom, amazing landscapes and great anecdotes to recall. 

A road trip means exploring new corners with the rhythm of country music. It also means having the patience to survive to the traffic jams and to enjoy the freedom to go wherever we want. If you are as excited as us to discover the magic of road trips, take a look at these guide with tips and apps to help you hit the road. 

1. Plan your road trip in group

It is always wise to be on the same page as our friends or family when we are about to spend so many hours together in a car. There should be a conversation about the details of the road trip. To name a few, we should discuss about how many stops approximately we want to do, what kind of places we would love to visit or what activities we want to enjoy on the way. This is crucial to ensure good vibes throughout the road trip.

To plan it, we are thrilled about Road Trippers. It is an interactive road trip app that works both for desktop and for iOS, where we can create a route on a collaborative pannel. Anyone on the group can edit it and add comments, interesting spots or activities. The app also helps us decide by recommending us some hotels, stops, restaurants or routes. While helping us plan a trip, it draws our route on a map so we can organize our time better.

2. Where to refuel?


On a road trip, where to stop on the way is almost as important as what to do when we arrive to our destination. Considering the fact that we are traveling for hours, when we have a pause off the car we don´t want to arrive to a place without restaurant. Let alone a dirty toilet. It is better to have a glimpse about the nearer gas stations so we can choose wisely where to park the car. 

Among all the apps that help us plan better our perfect road trip, we love Along the Way. This app informs us about gas prices throughout our route, but also it gives us great insights from other travelers about the stops. Those reviews can point out the quality of the food available there, the bathroom characteristics and some other useful facilities such as if it has an ATM. 

3. Drive in group?

When we tell our friends and family that we are going to spend long hours in the car, it is inevitable that some of them will point out the dangers of the road. To make the trip more peaceful for everyone, we can share our location in real time with them with our app, Wave application. This app enables us to open a group with the occupants of the vehicle and with our relatives in which we will all share our location privately.

In addition to this feature, it includes a real-time GPS navigator that can guide us even in remote locations. Another interesting feature is that it has a chat in which we can write or share images. This makes it possible to have all the information and news of the trip with our friends in a single app.

4. Let the miles fly away


Being stucked in a traffic jam or driving along a route will be boring from time to time. For those times when our conversation declines, we can turn on the radio with the app Simple Radio. This apps works even in remote areas catching the digital signal of more than 40 thousand radio stations all over the world. Podcasts, sports and any sort of music will load to make our adventure a perfect road trip. And it will fulfil everyone’s tastes.

5. Where to stay during a perfect road trip?


A road trip is full of unforeseen and that is precisely the magic of traveling the roads. We stop when we want and we continue when we have rested. However, not knowing where we are going to sleep tonight can be less fun when we are tired. Specially when we have not booked any hotel or apartment.

Other expert travelers have already thought of this and have created Rommer Travel. It is one of the largest communities of travelers reselling their hotel stays. If someone has to cancel a reservation, they sell it at a low price and let others take it at the last minute. Everyone wins! Similar to this one, another app to make a perfect road trip is Hotel Tonight. This app also offers last minute rooms around the globe.

Do you want something more? Take a look at the ultimate guide for a road trip made by the prestigious website Auto Accessories Garage.

Okay, we know there are many more apps that make the road trip more bearable. What would be your recommendation for a perfect road trip?

a12 bionic chip appleinc

A12 Bionic chip: what you can do with it on the new iPhone Xs

In the clamor of the Apple event we have been blinded with the new three models of iPhone. The iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr and the new Watch. But with these presentations we have forgotten the real protagonist of the party, the A12 bionic chip.

It is funny that in the last years, Apple always treated the processor as a black box, not wanting to burden consumers with technical details on how it works. However, there has been a difference in the trend, allowing the latest silicone to take the limelight and showcase all the technical details behind the engine in the latest iOS devices.

The A12 bionic chip is a 7nn chip. It is showcased as the fastest one in the market right now and promises not only a change in the new iPhone Xs, but also in the entire application industry. Let’s see why:

Inside the A12 bionic chip

The performance of the A12 bionic chip is even faster than the A11 of the previous range of iPhones. According to Geekbench, it has a single-core score of 4,813 and a multi-core score of 10,266.

But raw horse power isn’t what makes a phone great. The heart of the chip is a six-core CPU with two performance cores that are up to 15 percent faster than the A11 and consume 40 % less power. Four “efficiency” cores, handling lower-intensity tasks, should consume 50 percent less energy.

Apple claims that the four-core GPU in the A12 Bionic is 50 % faster than the A11 Bionic. The additional speed and technologies support technologies like tessellation, multilayer rendering, and lossless memory compression.

The company is also promising a faster Secure Enclave associated with the new chipset, which is used for tasks like Face ID authentication. When paired with streamlined algorithms in iOS 12, the new hardware should speed up Face ID recognition versus that in the iPhone X.

However, one of the cores, and here is where the magic starts, is a dedicated neural engine. Coupled with the raw processing power it will open a new era in app processing. Particularly apps which use the company’s machine learning framework, Core ML, which the new A12 Bionic runs nine times faster than last year’s chips.

On stage, Apple showed off a new app named Homecourt, that watches you play basketball while it records the number of shots and passes you make and miss. This sort of real-time analysis isn’t possible without a chip with meaty AI processing.

This allows a level of machine learning unheard of in a phone, allowing the iPhone to predict what you are going to do. Where you are going to go (spooky). Which photos you’ll probably share. And even, what apps you’ll open.

Now that we have made clear the technical details of the A12 bionic chip, we can actually see how it’ll improve our user experience with the new iPhones. 

iPhone Xs and Xs Max Camera

The camera of iPhones has always had high quality, as it reduces the noise and increases the luminosity at night. In the iPhone Xs and Xs Max we find a dual 12 megapixel camera array.

It takes pictures in HDR and in real time, allowing the phone to collect a lot of color and light information in each photo. This allows us to adjust the light and the depth of field. We can also blur the background completely. Or adjust colors without losing quality, as if images were in raw format.

In addition, the camera is so precise that it allows facial recognition, making a fingerprint cumbersome (although we’re not sure that this option is as secure as Apple taunts). This option, beyond comfortable, reinforces the security with which Apple reminds us that we can make payments from our iPhone.

With these features, we need a large processor to keep the smartphone working. But we also need some great graphics, and that’s where the A12 bionic chip plays another interesting role. It uses the neural engine to analyse shots, stitch them together to get the best parts of each and produce the best quality image with a massive amount of post processing,

Graphic design for virtual reality and augmented reality

The A12 bionic chip of the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max and iPhone Xr includes in the silicon a four core that streamlines the loading and rendering of graphics by 50%. This enable us to play games in high resolution and at high speed. But above all, it displays a more fluid use of virtual reality.

Why do we need such a powerful speed? We all know that virtual reality is still in its infancy and many of us do not know what to do with it beyond playing a game. It is clear that it’ll be the new boom in mobile technology since Google, Samsung, Facebook and more are playing with it. But Apple wants to be the winner of this competition.

For this, Apple has already launched an SDK for developers (ARKit). And now, it has given developers more power to create the next-gen era of augmented reality apps.

We probably won´t notice it too much in our daily tasks. However, it ensures that the quality of applications will continue to raise the bar of what is possible. This is a competition, both for developers and suppliers, and the maximum beneficiary is the end user.

One step beyond the A12 bionic chip

The capacity of the A12 bionic chip is so great that it could exceed the inches of the smartphone and land on their own computers. There is only one month to announce the new models, so we will have to wait to see the real life performance this powerhouse will deliver.

The bar has remained high, as high as the huge price of output of the iPhones Xs and Xs Max. We can only wait and see how Google the new Pixel 3 and the flagships of Samsung and the new competitor, Xiaomi, respond to the “king of the hill”

You can watch the full Apple keynote here:


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