Sharing the location is a trend and people are more and more willing to share their location privately with their friends whenever they are meeting in crowded places. Recently, the biggest social networks have launched timid features of location, but have forgotten a very important issue: people usually go out in groups!

Wave application was born in 2013 to precisely offer something that nobody had seen before: the option to open groups with friends to share their location and set a meeting point. It can be used in any city in the world, concerts or festivals. Sharing the location in a group is one more way to be connected with whoever you want and only when you want. So far, we have facilitated more than 260 millions of sessions and 60 millions of waves between friends, family members or work colleagues and we have not stopped growing to reach almost 8 millions of users.

The feature

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Wave Application

To see how group location works, you can go to the menu and select “create a group”, then add directly all members you want and select the period of time for the wave. Our most common wave lasts 15 minutes, however you can set up one for 30 minutes, one hour, 2 hours and so on, up to 8 hours. The latest one is very useful for those travelling, doing sports outdoors or driving home safely without getting disturbed by using the smartphone.

Once the group is created a request will be sent automatically to each contact and you are all set up! When the requests are accepted a map will be displayed with each contact so you can have a better insight of where are specifically each one and they can see where are you too. That way nobody gets lost and annoyed of waiting. All of you can gather directly no matter in which city you are and how well (or badly 😉 )  you know the streets.

When the time selected expires nobody will be able to share their location anymore, unless they open a new one. Privacy is our core value as we believe location is something personal that should be shared only when needed and not at all times. As users we know that we should be the ones to control tech to make our life easier and avoid being controlled by tech and third parties.

Why groups

Groups are created to fulfil daily situations in which people meet up with friends or more people, change the place to stay, meet in crowded places or simply don´t know the city and how to get there.

Here at Wave we firmly believe that our 60 million of Waves created by our almost 8 millions of users are a sign that we are revolutionising the way people interact by displaying our native technology in real time. This tech is built specifically to provide the best design and solution for people’s lives and with the passion of doing it better and more precise than any other location service.

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