The holidays come in all colors! There are those who choose to go to rest or to get inspired by nature, others prefer the beach to mitigate the heat and others love the adventures. However, for some of us, taking a road trip reminds us of cult movies like Thelma & Louise: changing landscapes, freedom and wind blowing our hair. It means exploring new corners with the rhythm of country music, having the patience to survive to traffic jams and enjoying the freedom to go wherever we want. Are you excited this year to discover the magic of road trips? Well, here are some apps that will make your planning a bit easier.

1. Plan your group route

It is always wise to be on the same wave as your friends or family when you are going to spend so many hours together in a car. Agreeing on how many stops approximately you will make on the road, what kind of places you can visit around or what activities you will enjoy is crucial to ensure you have good vibes throughout the trip.

To plan it, we recommend you Road Trippers, an interactive app both for desktop and for iOS, where you can create a route anywhere in the world and edit it as you add interesting tourist spots recommended by the app, restaurants, stops or hotels. Send the link to your contacts and you can edit the route and make it a little more real, imagining it.

2. Where to refuel?


On a road trip, where to stop on the way is almost as important as choosing the spots to visit on your destiny. Consider that you are travelling for hours and when you stop to have a break you don´t want to find a place without restaurant or with a dirty toilet. It is better if you don´t risk your time off driving and choose wisely in which fuel station you will stop and what you will find there.

Among all the apps to choose your stop over our route, we love Along the Way, because besides informing you about gas prices, it tells you about the quality of the food available there, the bathroom and some other useful facilities such as if it has an ATM. The best thing is that users can comment and rate the rest stations to orient you better in your moments of relaxation.

3. Drive in group?

If you travel in a group divided into several cars and want all of you to be located, try our free app Wave Application, an app that allows you to share your location with them with for a few minutes or a few hours, so that both of you can locate each other in real time without having to call or look at the cell phone.

It has a meeting point feature that comes in handy when you all want to stop in the same place, you just need to select it on the map, and everyone can get directions to get there. While you are driving, your buddies can chat with each other on the group with the super fast chat.

Safety comes first and Wave is also a way of letting your family know where you are going, or if you are okay, bragging with other friends, or letting your tour guide know that you are in a jam. Wave privacy allows you to stop the location sharing whenever you want and only use it when it is useful to you.

4. Let the miles fly away


Stuck in a traffic jam or just driving along a route will be boring from time to time. If your conversation drops, you can always turn on the radio even in the most inhospitable places in the world, through the app Simple Radio, available for iOS and Android. Simple Radio connects you with more than 40 thousand radio stations all over the world. Podcast, sports and any sort of music will be loading to make your trip easier and fulfil everyone’s tastes.

5. Where to stay?


A road trip is full of unforeseen and that is precisely the magic of travelling the roads, you stop when you want and continue when you have rested. This attitude is not very compatible with the reservation of hotels or apartments in advance, since you do not know if you will stop in one city or another.

Other expert travellers have already thought of this and have created Rommer Travel, one of the largest communities of travellers reselling their hotel stays. If someone has to cancel a reservation, they sell it before at a low price and let others reserve it at the last minute. Everyone wins! Similar to this one, that has a desktop version, you have Hotel Tonight, an app that only offers last minute rooms around the globe.

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