The farewell to the summer holidays tastes better with a beer in the sun or just with a good excuse to eat, relax and enjoy with your friends and no occasion is better to do this than the Oktoberfest, the German beer festival held originally in Munich and celebrated as well in other parts of the world. To survive such an excitement, especially for those who can not say that they are too young, we have shortlisted the best 5 apps to take the most of this event worldwide.

If you want to know more about the History of Oktoberfest, we will tell you that it has a romantic origin. About 200 years ago the king of then the region of Bavaria Ludwig I, married Theresa of Saxony and celebrated the wedding with the inhabitants hosting a race of horses and offering food and beer in the prairie named as his beloved, Theresenwiese, that means ‘the prairie of Theresa’.

The great joy with which the inhabitants of the kingdom celebrated the event set a precedent that has been replicated since then in September instead of October anymore, with some exceptions by wars or epidemics, to take advantage of the last rays of sun of summer.

The festival is still held in the same enclave, a vast meadow surrounded by nature in the heart of Munich, and homes to more than 7 million people each year. If it rains or it is cold, you might wonder, then enjoy it with a beer in your hands, or so organizers claim!

In addition to the meat, the ribs, the German beer Hofbräu-Festhalle and the Bavarian music, the regional costumes have given a whole color to the party to make you feel again in 1800. Sounds interesting, right? Whether in Munich or in another region of the world, check out the following apps to your trip to the Oktoberfest!

Find your friends

Wave Application app to share the location find friends

7 million people are almost the population of Switzerland and the one expected to attend to Oktoberfest in Munich this year. Imagine how many people will attend the event while you are there. Amazing, right? To avoid getting lost and losing your friends, open a group with them on Wave application, a free app for iOS and Android in which you can share your location with them on a map in real time and privately. When needed, take a look at the map and see how to reach the others, chat and set a meeting point wherever you want.

Millions of users around the world already use Wave to find their friends anywhere in the world without making tedious calls and questions from wherever you are. Join the trend of private geolocation. Download it for free for iOS and Android.

Pick the best beer

App to save beers and discover new ones

Some of us are not experts in beer or prefer to drink only the famous Hofbräu-Festhalle Bavarian beer, however anyone can try different types of beer in each room, and as they are reputed to be among the best in the world. With the Untappd app users will discover the properties and flavors of each type, the origin, color and popularity that it has among their community of users. You will end up being a beer expert! It is free for iOS and Android.

Be aware of where you have around 

Wiesn Protect app dor Oktoberfest

One of the best apps for the event is Wiesn Protect, an app that informs of emergency numbers in the area, locates the users on a map regarding security points but also tells people on the map where are the food and music tents, the points of information and all those places useful for anyone going to the Oktoberfest. It is exclusive for those who are going to celebrate it in Munich and has some interesting features like its translator and its list with helpful sentences in German and Bavarian. It is free for Android.

Pay a round and get invited without losing your mind

Paying a beer at the Oktoberfest follows an unwritten rule, each friend pays a round of beers to their friends, especially those who are locals. To deal with this habit,  download Venmo, an app in which to add to your fellow travelers and pay them directly from the app. It will make the accounts accurate and you can keep track of when to pay or get invited. Get it for free for Android and iOS.

Discover all the events of each day

The events that happen each year are varied, apart from drinking beer is clear. This year’s dates are from the 16th of September to the 3rd of October, and there attendants will see parades, music bands, concerts, activities for children and great surprises. You can discover them all with the EventBrite event app, very useful both for those who go to Munich and want to enjoy the full pack of activities, but also for those who celebrate in other parts of the world and want to know the best places to enjoy the German party. Get it for free for iOS and Android.

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