Those who live in Chile, Mexico or Japan know that an earthquake is likely to happen, but the truth is that there are earthquakes everyday around the world and once per year there is a great earthquake somewhere, according to IRIS geological research. With this frequency it is always useful to be informed about what is happening around us, see how to protect ourselves from an earthquake, how to check if our loved ones are safe during an earthquake or a natural distaster like a volcano eruption and how to help them if necessary.

To do so there are plenty of apps that are great tools to survive an earthquake and a global emergency. We have tested many of them and we have shortlisted the best ones to use when a natural disaster happens.



One of the most reliable sources to know if an earthquake is happening near us, in the case we have not felt anything yet, is the app

EC Report. It is a comprehensible news feed with information of all the earthquakes happening in the world from different reporting agencies and it is supported by the non-profit organization SOS Earthquake.  

Experts can predict times of more common earth movements, however they usually shake suddenly.  One of the advantages of being notified with EC Report is that it informs users about where exactly the event is happening, what magnitude it is and how to be ready for the replicas that follow the earthquake, which can be devastating.

EC Report works as a news feed for earthquakes around the world, including those that occur in remote islands and allows us to geolocate to have information about the area in which we are. It also displays useful news such as escape routes from the city, state of roads, water or electricity supply.

Users can notify when a seismic event is happening using the button ‘I felt it ‘. It is free and available for iOS and Android and has a desktop version.


One of the biggest concerns we have when we are immersed in a natural disaster like an earthquake is to know if our family, close friends and colleagues are safe. For this reason the best solution is to have a real time geolocation application such as Wave Application.

Wave enables users to share their location in real time with their loved ones on a private map, so they can stay connected at any time and know where the others are. In addition to sending the position it is possible to set a meeting point on the map that is visible to all, get the estimated distance to there and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). We can also select any of the users and see how to reach him/her and how long it would take us to get there.

On Wave we can select a session for a limited period on time such as 15 minutes or choose the unlimited waves that runs until we stop them, this last one is the perfect tool to use during an earthquake.


Those of us who live in an area with a long tradition of seismic movements such as Central America or Southeast Asia are more aware than anyone that it is necessary to know how to act after such a scary event that can leave us in shock. That is why SAS Survival Guide app is one of the must-have apps that we should have installed if we live or travel to areas with earthquakes.

This guide presents in a simple and practical way tips to get ready for a natural disaster, giving us the experience that elite training techniques of Britain’s toughest fighting force have. It is a great way to be calm if something happens as we are ready to deal with it.

Once the event occur, the application displays a list of tips that reply our most frequent questions such as where to take shelter? Is it better to be under a lintel of a door or under a table? Do we stay at home or do we go out on the street? All of them are answered by earthquake geologists and emergency experts.

For the more adventurous ones, besides instructing us it has a quiz to see how much knowledge we have learned. It is free and available for Android and iOS.


If something has happened near us, our neighbor would also have felt it and is the closest person we have to help us. Next Door is a social network app designed to be used in small communities and neighborhoods as a way to interact with neighbors, discuss local issues, talk with them, put ads on the virtual bulletin board and be on hand in case someone needs it.

This app was born as a way to help neighbors in their daily routine, however, it soon proved to be a powerful security tool. As the Daily Mail newspaper points out, a family in Houston, Texas, used Next Door app to ask their neighbors for help over the Hurricane Harvey and one of them came to rescue them in a canoe.

The application is now available in the US and it is expanding its service throughout the world. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

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