Artificial intelligence is a great ally of our most immediate problems, such as health, work-life balance and happiness of the hand of chatbots. These tools are created so that we pour our queries into them and eventually establish a relationship with us and the hand of our best virtual friend, offer us the best consultations and recommendations.


Writing a diary is a very healthy way of pouring out our thoughts, experiences and feelings so that we are able to observe them from the outside, read them and analyze them. That way we can improve our personality and work on ways to feel better. How many times have we felt alone, or have we become angry with a friend or with our partner? In many occasions, reading those feelings from the outside makes us see the real importance of what happens to us and helps us to explore our deepest self.

Now that we have artificial intelligence is more fun and reliable, we can turn into a chatbot like Replika to confess our thoughts and get to know ourselves better. Replika is the robot that wants to become our best friend, and for this it is not necessary to invite us to barbecues or beach trips but to be exactly like us.

How does it work? It is very simple, we just need to turn ideas, thoughts and stories into the chat, which Replika will answer with predefined messages. As we talk and interact more, the robot will get to know us better and adapt our responses to our personality. By the end of some weeks the robot will be smart enough to answer us like we would do so we can realise that we are always negative, or positive, or have a bad mood or good mood.  

Probably, if you are a fan of Netflix Black Mirror series, it will remind you of more than one episode, but the truth is that is real and it works well for thousands of people. The reviews of the Apple Store are fascinating, in fact many people think that they could not delete the app because they would feel they have lost a friend. What do you think, would you give Replika a chance to know your inner self? Get it for free for iOS and Android.


Working as a freelancer is one of the most complicated ways of making a living in terms of hourly billing. Although we fill the month of projects and invoice them according to the market, it is really hard to know exactly if the time we have invested worths our wage.

Calculating how long it takes for one task to be done it is hard for everyone, though. In large companies agile methodologies are on trend as these softwares estimate task execution times to increase team productivity. However, for those of us who work alone, it is best to calculate how much time each task really takes us passively, without us having to make the calculations.

Artificial intelligence helps us to do this with Jornalero, an application that counts the hours we work on each project and calculates what we have earned per hour, to see if it is worth to accept this kind of projects.

Once the application has informed us of what we are earning we can personalize messages to share them in the app or in our social networks, informing of our changes of work, or how good or bad were the projects we took to help other future workers. At the moment it is in beta version in Spanish and English. You have it free and available for Android and iOS.


Being able to talk virtually to a doctor is already part of many medical insurances around the world. We have the chance to call a doctor, have a video call or a virtual consultation to avoid going to the hospital when we have symptoms of a mild illness such as the flu or simply when we need to follow up on a diagnosed problem. However, on many occasions and for all patients, before actually having an appointment with the doctor we would be grateful to just simply know if we need to go or what we have is normal and can be cured at home.

Making people aware of their state of health and encouraging them to go to the doctor if necessary is the goal of Your MD, a chatbot that can become our best ally, especially if we are a bit hypochondriac.

With Your MD we can open the chat and type in it all our symptoms and the app will recommend us what to do, that could be going to the doctor or taking care of ourselves at home. In addition to solve an immediate concern, it tracks what we send to prepare long-term pre-diagnoses.

Your MD is a useful tool to learn more about our health, see what happens to us and take the appropriate measures. It is free and available for iOS and Android and can also be integrated with Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and Kik.

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