We are a talented and passionate team that aims to solve a daily problem of our society and helps you find the people you love. Wave is the largest app of private location in real time on a dynamic map where you can find only the people you want, at the time you have selected.

Why Wave? Because we were tired of wasting our time sending the location to our colleagues, waiting for them, getting lost in unkown cities and finding hard to actually meet our friends in crowded places. That is why we decided to use tech to find easily and fast our people.

Wave was born in Madrid, Spain, in 2014 and founded by Manuel de la Esperanza and Luis Gelado. Suddenly, it has became an international and global company, with millons of downloads from all over the world. Its growing path has driven it to become one of the most prominent european startups, achieving several rounds of investment and improving its own technology to be the best-in-clash of the location market.

Want to test it? Download it for iOS or Android.