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What kind of traveler are you? 4 types of travelers and best itineraries for each

Most of us have heard different stories and experiences about the same city when we talk about traveling. We are different people with different tastes and requirements when it comes to organizing a trip. Making a travel itinerary is not easy, so we have prepared a travel itinerary for each of the 4 main types of travelers: the cultural, the party lover, the athlete and the food lover.

Since a group of friends usually consists of different types of travellers, Wave Application is a great solution to travel in group, enabling friends to split and come back together at any time. It displays a private map locating each friend in real time in which is possible to set a meeting point, to see the estimated time of arrival. It also has a chat to type, speak and send images. It’s free and available for iOS and Android.


There is a type of traveler who chooses his his destination based on the food preferences. It is the one who looks at Instagram photos of dishes instead of pictures of beaches and who has more than one food related app on his smartphone. If you identify yourself with this short description, you are a gastronomic traveler.

To begin with, it is advisable to look at a map of cuisines of the world and get an idea of what can be found. One very interesting website is Oup Blog, which offers a compendium of foods and dishes from each country, typical appetizers and desserts.

Once we have selected some places to go, it is good to know what to eat in the city we have chosen. To do that there are apps like TripAdvisor, which has the opinion of millions of users throughout the world. It filters the restaurants by cuisine, location, price and more options. It is free for iOS and Android.

Another app that we love when we prefer to stay in our Airbnb room and ask for food is Munchery, a food ordering app that only offers healthy dishes, with nutritional information of each dish.  In addition, it enables users to schedule orders for each day of the week and make a perfect healthy calendar.


We all have a friend who takes the travel photos from above, usually from a mountain, captures clouds and sunsets in them and always keeps the mountain boots in the backpack.

The nature traveler is the one who always wears a raincoat for when a monsoon falls on a volcano in Indonesia or who knows the best bike tour to travel Europe.

Fist of all we can dive in specialized listings of destinies depending on the activity we would like to do. This post lists the best ski resorts to go this year and this one the best beaches to surf in the world. or divers, we have found very interesting the app DiveMate that offers information on many grottos and caves around the world. It is great for seabed experts and it is available for iOS and Android for free.

For hikers we recommend the website Hiking Project, which has a database of 106.000 miles of trail to hike all over the world with information about peaks, weather forecast and tips from other hikers.


The cultural traveler has visited the Louvre, the temples of Kuala Lumpur, the world’s first train stations and the decorative arts museums of various cities around the world. These lovers of art and history enjoy seeing cities for what they were and what they can be and need an adequate travel itinerary.

To look for artistic references of any work it is great to have a look at Wiki Art, a website that features thousands of artworks with detailed explanations about them.

Those who travel with the interest of buying art can download the application of one of the most famous auction houses of the world, Sothebys, which announces all available pieces in their house with filters adapted to prices and personal tastes of the buyers.


Finally, let’s talk about those who love talking to strangers, make friends at festivals or mingle with local people: Social and party travelers. One of the best apps to organize an itinerary for party travelers is Get Crowd App, an app that manages the calendar, events and contacts to have organized each day of the holidays.

For those who want to meet travel mates for party, we recommend Party With A Local, an app that connects travelers from all over the world with locals to live a wonderful night out.

Now you are all set. What type of traveler are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Travel solo: How to prepare a trip with the best apps and information

Traveling and getting to know new cultures is always inspiring, but if you also merge with the local tastes, the gastronomy and the public affairs, you will have acquired as souvenir a huge cultural and personal growth. There are several ways to travel as an expert and one of the most popular lately is to travel alone.

One of the reasons to travel solo is because it is considered a great experience of personal growth. It is also popular for those who have simply reached a point in their life of some economic calm, curiosity to travel and free time that they don´t share with their friends or partner.

The reasons are varied, but the experience is unique for each of the travellers. Traveling alone is a much more conscious act of moving, analysing other cultures and being aware of what happens around us, so we should be prepared for it.

You will have moments of loneliness, extravagant conversations and awkward moments with people, even times of frustration in which you won´t find the restaurant or the accommodation you wished. However, experts say that the advantages far outweigh the vicissitudes, such as the freedom to go wherever you want when you want, the need to leave your comfort zone and talk to local people, to understand their customs and the opportunity to mature and become strong and independent.

If you are going to start the adventure and travel solo the age or sex don’t really matter, as long as you consider some tips to make your trip easier. The technology in that case is your great ally, so take note of the following applications that you will need to carry on your smartphone.

Plan the solo trip beforehand

There are those who say that planning a trip is already part of the adventure and it might be true, because the organisation of holidays is a stage of discovery, illusion and many emotions. One of the apps that make it easier is Tripit, a complete directory in which to write all the destinations in the calendar along with the itineraries of flights and transportation, notes, tickets, budget and expenses to have in the end a great travel guide with all the details. The best part is that it works across all platforms.

Creators of Tripit say that in fact it’s like taking with you an assistant, because you can also see how to get to your hostel, send the information via social networks or see on the map what’s interesting near you. It is free and available for iOS and Android.

Locate yourself and your travel mates

Traveling alone is actually a very social experience, travellers are constantly getting to know people, whether they are from a hostel, people met on social networks and forums or just in the queue of some cultural attraction. In addition to friends, travellers will have interaction with receptionists, couchsurfing members, tour guides, travel agents and son on, therefore if you are in a new city it can be difficult to reach the agreed meeting point, recognise the person with whom you are meeting or find her/him in a crowded place.

To avoid these unpleasant situations, download Wave Application, a free app in which two or more people share their location in real time on a private map, so that they can follow each others’ steps and chat with them. It has millions of users worldwide and it is free for iOS and Android.

Know the good neighbourhoods

Strolling, getting lost in the crowd, passing through that rickety alley, ending up on the less touristy shore of Venice, discovering an abandoned monastery and a thousand other places are a delight reserved for travellers alone or for the more curious. That is, for those who have the time and the desire to wander without haste.

Something so simple can’t be done lightly though, not every city is going to go easy on us when it comes to the skin color, the gender, the way we dress or how we wear belongings and this sensation increases outside of the city centre. To cope with it, download Livesafe Map App, an app that analyses the main cities of the world and classifies its neighbourhoods as dangerous, dangerous for women, full of thieves and many other filters, so any traveler can always get lost in a safe place. It’s available for free for iOS and Android. 

Discover the city with your headphones

As a solo traveler, you probably are soaked with information tourist offices, forums and personal recommendations. A new and interesting way of discovering the cities through the headphones comes with the Detour app, an auditive tour guide that will tell you all the aspects of the cities in which you travel, from history, customs and politics, to curiosities, tourist attractions, gastronomy and other interesting facts. This app already has hundreds of cities and the list grows continuously. It’s available for free for Android and iOS.

Now you are all set, are you ready to try this new way of traveling the world? Let us know your thoughts and we wish you the best experience!
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