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Artificial intelligence chatbots are your best friends- They’ll solve your life

Artificial intelligence is a great ally of our most immediate problems, such as navigation and commute, health, work-life balance and happiness of the hand of artificial intelligence chatbots. These tools are created so that we pour our queries into them and eventually establish a relationship. This way we can meet friends near us, virtually. They will offfer us the best consultations and recommendations.

Artificial intelligence chatbot is your best friend to tell your thoughts 

Writing a diary is a very healthy way of pouring out our thoughts, experiences and feelings, so that we are able to observe them from the outside, read them and analyze them. Sometimes we just need to find a friend. That way we can improve our personality and work on ways to feel better. How many times have we felt alone, or have we become angry with a friend or with our partner?

In many occasions, reading those feelings from the outside makes us see the real importance of what happens to us. Therefore, these artificial intelligence chatbots helps us to explore our deepest self.

Now that we have artificial intelligence chatbots is more fun and reliable, we can turn into one like Replika to confess our thoughts and get to know ourselves better. Replika is the chatbot that wants to become our best online friend. It is not necessary to invite us to barbecues or beach trips but to be exactly like us.

How does it work? It is very simple, we just need to talk to it as to a new friend. We turn ideas, thoughts and stories into the chat, which Replika will answer with predefined messages. As we talk and interact more with this artificial intelligence chatbot, it will get to know us better. And it will adapt our responses to our personality.

Probably, if you are a fan of Netflix Black Mirror series, it will remind you of more than one episode. But the truth is that is real and it works well for thousands of people. The reviews of the Apple Store are fascinating, in fact many people think that they could not delete the app because they would feel they have lost an online friend.

What do you think, would you give Replika a chance to know your inner self? Get it for free for iOS and Android.

Artificial intelligence chatbot to reduce the wage theft

Working as a freelancer is one of the most complicated ways of making a living in terms of hourly billing. Although we fill the month of projects and invoice them according to the market, it is really hard to know exactly if the time we have invested worths our wage.

Calculating how long it takes for one task to be done it is hard for everyone, though. In large companies agile methodologies are on trend as these softwares estimate task execution times to increase team productivity. However, for those of us who work alone, it is best to turn into an artificial intelligence chatbot that tell us how to bill our work.

Artificial intelligence helps us to do this with the chatbot Jornalero. This application counts the hours we work on each project and calculates what we have earned per hour. In this way it’s like we have met an online friend that says if it is worth to accept a project. 

Once the artificial intelligence chatbot has informed us of what we are earning, we can personalize messages to share them in the app or in our social networks. Those go from informing of our changes of work, to tell how good or bad were the projects we took. This will help other future workers. At the moment it is in beta version in Spanish and English. You have it free and available for Android and iOS.

Artificial intelligence chatbot to inform about your health symptoms 

Being able to talk virtually to a doctor is already part of many medical insurances around the world. We have the chance to call a doctor, have a video call or a virtual consultation to avoid going to the hospital. However, on many occasions and for all patients, before actually having an appointment with the doctor we would be grateful to just simply know if we need to go. If what we have is normal and can be cured at home. Finding a friend that would let us know would save us time and money too.

To do so, the artificial intelligence chatbot Your MD is a great solution. It makes people aware of their state of health and encourages them to go to the doctor if necessary.  Your MD, an artificial intelligence chatbot that can become our best ally, especially if we are a bit hypochondriac.

With Your MD we can open the chat and type in it all our symptoms and the app will recommend us what to do. That could be going to the doctor or taking care of ourselves at home. In addition to solve an immediate concern, it tracks what we send to prepare long-term pre-diagnoses.

Your MD is a useful artificial intelligence chatbot to learn more about our health, see what happens to us and take the appropriate measures. It is free and available for iOS and Android. It and can also be integrated with Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and Kik.

Workput fitness app

Did you hear about this one? Top 5 Fitness apps

Some of us we have not signed up for the gym, or even worse: we did sign up but we hardly know the way there 😀 Therefore, we can suggest other ways to exercise to get in shape this year. Among countless apps on the market we chose a list of the most interesting and coolest, so that the procrastinators no longer have an excuse. Here are the most innovative apps for fitness with virtual reality, artificial intelligence and social networks:

Zombies, Run!


For those who hate sports because it makes them feel bored, the solution comes hand in hand with Virtual Reality. There are several apps that are taking advantage of the ‘gamification’ to introduces it into the daily routine of people and give vent to the tremendous innovative effort suggested by this format. Would you be able to exercise if a zombie panda kept chasing you?

Zombies, Run! uses scenarios created specifically for virtual reality goggles with the intention of getting yourself involved in an interesting history through your headphones. Once you start running and listening to the story, you can see yourself climbing fences and running to to survive. It may sound slightly spooky, but this app has already three million downloads worldwide. With each update, the number of scenarios increase so you never get bored.



Following with the Virtual Reality to exercise, another app that we found interesting is Virzoom. The app takes advantage of a real machines such as a bike, to immerse yourself in a story and make you protagonist of it realistically. It presents a wide range of situations such as a city defended from the dinosaurs. For the next version they will release a parkour scenario to let you jump on the rooftops of your city. Impressive.



If you are one of those who enjoy exercising but don’t know how to do it correctly, it would be best to hire a personal trainer at least in the beginning. Through Artificial Intelligence, the creators of VI have developed an app that controls the data of your exercises to guide you step by step, let you rest when you need to and create a personalized exercise plan for you. Vi is a personal trainer who lives right there in your harman Kardon headphones, that come in a bundle with the app.



Another personal trainer who uses artificial intelligence is Moov, but with the main difference that it uses a wearable device to control more exercise data, such as beats, steps you are giving or rhythm. Once you collect data from your smartwatch of your daily performance, you can adjust the intensity levels of the application to suit your needs. We really liked how complete the app is:  running, swimming, cycling, boxing, and timed workouts. Each has the option of creating an exercise table and saving your evolution.

Daily Mile

Fitness app daily mile
Daily Mile

Daily Mile is an application and social network with exercise tables for all levels that you can easily do at home. It has tips, daily exercise plans and tips that you can use and share with your friends. The best part, however, is the social network that allows you to share your workout routine with your friends and followers. You can bring out your competitive side and let others know the effort you are making, and even share it directly on Twitter post…to show off or to get motivated 😉

Last but not least, if you are not planning to do sports “solo” – open a wave and meet up with your friends to go running, mountain biking, surfing… – or to have that one beer after getting all fit.