Best music festivals usa 2019

The 5 Best music festivals in the US in 2019

Ariana Grande and Tampala have just joined the head of Coachella, the most ‘instagrammable’ festival in the world, and thousands of other artists are already setting the music scene for this 2019. With so much musical vibes in the United States it is difficult to choose a musical festival, taking in consideration that almost all of them mix musical styles.  But for what is worth, that makes it easier for us to go with our group of friends and their diverse musical tastes. That’s why we have thought about helping you choose your festival by selecting the best music festivals in the US in 2019 regarding their lineups, events and locations. Take a look at them:


Coachella is one of the most complete mainstream music festivals of the world. It brings together artists of Pop, Reggaeton, Rock, Indie and Electronics. It is also the mandatory place to go for artists, influencers and actors. Therefore, it is the best opportunity to meet your favourite star casually in the queue of the bar. Ariana Grande and Childish Gambino have just announced the head, predicting an authentic night of success. This will be a huge experience as Ariana Grande has just released its new album Thank U, Next, being number one in worlwide charts.

For those who will attend to the festival, Coachella makes life easier with ticket offices, mobile charging stations and even bus trips to the nearest supermarket and stores.

  • What is the Coachella line-up in 2019? Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Francis Dillon, Bad Bunny, Ella May, Rosalia, Solange and more on their website.
  • When is Coachella 2019? April 12 – 21, 2019.
  • Where is Coachella 2019? Colorado, CA.
  • How much does Coachella cost? Starting at $ 429 the weekend.


Electric Daisy is considered by thousands of fans as one of the best music festivals in the US in 2019. This festival is a classic, along with Tomorrowland and Ultra of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Each season great artists of the music scene gather to announce the new wave of electronics that will influence the whole world. This year the lineup is yet to confirm but the tickets are already available as it never disappoints fans.

Electric Daisy is also a very accessible music event that hosts comfort and chill stations, supermarkets, ATMs and mobile charging stations.

  • What is the Electric Daisy Carnival line-up in 2019? Yet to confirm.
  • When is Electric Daisy Carnival 2019? May 17 – 20, 2019.
  • Where is Electric Daisy Carnival 2019? Las Vegas, NV.
  • How much does Electric Daisy Carnival cost? Starting at $ 359 the weekend.


Bonnaroo is another classic, but with massive competition in the United States, it’s taking a lot of effort to stay in the top 3. And it’s very difficult to exceed the expectations of an increasingly demanding audience. However, this year with figures like Post Malone and Solange, we are convinced that it will make it to the top 5 best music festivals in the US in 2019. Among its services we find places to experience art, paint, sing and dance. An odyssey for all our senses.

  • What is the Bonnaroo line-up in 2019? Post Malone, Odesza, Childish Gambino, Solange, Peach Pit, The National, Hozier, Gramatik, Gojira and more. 
  • When is Bonnaroo 2019? June 13 – 16, 2019.
  • Where is Bonnaroo  2019? Manchester, MA.
  • How much does Bonnaroo  cost? Starting at $329 for a 4-days ticket.


In the heart of New York this relatively new festival has managed to be one of the best music events of the world. The Governors Ball Music Festival brings together Rock, Pop, Indie, Electronic, Hip Hop and Folk.

This year figures like The Strokes, Lil Wayne come together in 3 days of concerts that also host emerging bands. This urban festival is the antithesis of the typical festival in the desert or on an island that helps us disconnect, since it is very close by boat from Manhattan, where we can enjoy a full pack of music and tourism.

  • What is the Governors Ball Music Festival line-up in 2019? The Strokes, Florence + the machine, Tyler, Lil Wayne, Miles Kane, The 1975, Major Lazer, Suzi Wu and more.
  • When is Governors Ball Music Festival 2019?  May 31 – June 2, 2019.
  • Where is Governors Ball Music Festival 2019? Rhode Island, NY.
  • How much does Governors Ball Music Festival cost? Starting at $ 205  for a 3-days ticket.


Some might think that jazz is a specific style and so this is a niche-focused festival. But they could not be more wrong! This festival brings together Jazz, Salsa, Cajun, Blues, Delta Blues, Gospel, Hip Hop and keeps surprising us every year with new styles.

We believe that this is one of those festivals that we should go to at least once in our life. In it we can enjoy gastronomy, shows, music and dancing. A coherent contradiction bringing together musical styles that are equally happy and sad, vibrant and chill or joyful and dark. For all this and its incredible lineup, it is considered one of the 5 Best music festivals in the US in 2019.

  • What is the Jazz Festival line-up in 2019? The Rolling Stones, J Balvin, Katy Perry, Pitbull and more.
  • When is Jazz Festival 2019?  April 25 – May 5, 2019.
  • Where is Jazz Festival 2019? New Orleans, MI.
  • How much does Jazz Festival cost? From $ 70 one day.

What is your favourite? Drop us a line with your comments! If you happen to be in Europe, check out our list with the best music festivals in Europe in 2019.

5 tips to make the most out of a music festival – special edition for the penny pinchers ;)

We all either love or hate music festivals. Even for us who love them, they can become a little bit too pricey so it’s always good to come up with some tricks to save money. Planning the festivals in advance and carrying the right apps is always a good idea. Here we go:

Equip yourself with a few handful apps

Calling to find others is almost impossible because of the noise, the crowd and the impossibility to understand where they are when finally they pick up the phone. To help you gather your friends in the chaos, you can download for free Wave Application beforehand, open a wave before the show starts and you’ll always have each other located.

To find other useful places such as the toilet, the food area, your tend or any other important location you want to reach, you can download Festival Buddy, a location app where you can mark all the places around on the app and get directions to any of them at any time.

These apps make you enjoy more the festival as you can focus on the fun and the music. If your festival has its own app, it would be also a very good idea to have it on your phone and get informed about delays, change of music scenarios, weather conditions or any other important matter.

Plan your music festival in advance

Being an early bird and checking out the dates to be among the first ones when tickets are on sale will allow you to save a lot of money. At the same time it will display you the best choices for the accommodation, as the starting prices are usually very cheap. A few weeks after you would only find pricey tickets such as VIP. If you opt for a famous music festival this summer, planning in advance could be the only way to get tickets before they are sold out.

Choose wisely, pay attention to details

How far away do you need to travel? Which possibilities of transport do you have? Is the tent included on the ticket? All those questions are as important as the line-up to decide which music festival would be the perfect one for you. If you add a flight ticket to your budget, plus the transport from the airport to the festival, then your trip starts to sum up generously ;).

There are tons of festivals around the world with different line-ups and facilities, so if you read between the lines, you might discover cheaper festivals that are just as great.

Share costs

Diving into blogs, forums and social network’s pages helps you to discover that you are not alone. You can find festival buddies to split costs to get to the festival by car or train, to start with. Food and alcohol are also very expensive things to consume daily on festivals and if you do some grocery first within a big group you can opt for buying big packages of goods with discounts and plan to cook some meals together. Besides, you would have a lot of fun and would be the envy of the customers on the waiting line at the food vendors.

You can also opt for car sharing on Blablacar website, the largest carpooling portal in the world that connects drivers with travellers to go anywhere and share the costs of the trip. Usually this possibility is cheaper than using public transport and it is a good chance to meet new interesting people.

Choose your clothing from your wardrobe

Festivals have a casual dress code that actually makes super easy to be trendy at the same time as wearing your old summery clothes. An old T-shirt from a previous festival could set you as a veteran among your friends and would look very fashionable. The most important thing is to choose carefully your shoes! We all know why 😉

You are all set! Do you have any other useful tip to plan your festival trips? Share it with us! 😉